Technical expertise of water transfer printing

Water transfer modern technology is the current electronic imaging innovation that exceeds any printing technology. It is a special paper made of nano-materials and special eco-friendly inks to print images on any kind of strong tool. The most significant technological advantage of water transfer printing is No special devices, no constraint of media, no special consumables, no heat transfer silicone label heating, as long as you have picture input (scanner or electronic camera), illustration (computer system), image outcome (inkjet printer) With the addition of water transfer ink and also water transfer paper, you can print any type of picture on any kind of strong things and any type of bent surface as you want, with bright shades and affirmative photo-level high quality. Tiny financial investment, fast to get going, easy to run, suitable for all areas. As long as you purchase water transfer consumables, you can discover all the skills.

Ability principle: There are two kinds of water transfer skills, one is water mark transfer abilities, and the various other is water curtain transfer skills. The previous mostly finishes the transfer of text and also images, while the last has a tendency to execute an excellent transfer on the whole item surface area. CubicTransfer makes use of an aqueous film that is simply liquified in water to bring graphics and also message. It merely wraps around the form of the product since the water-coated film has exceptional tension.