Quick And Long Run JFK — Parking JFK Parking Lot Guide

The following airways function through Terminal 1: Aeroflot, Aeromexico, Air China, Air France, Alitalia, Australian, Brussels Airways, Cayman Airways, China Eastern, Eva Airways, Fly Jamaica Airways, Inerjet, Japan, Korean, LOT, Lufthansa, Meridiana, Norwegian, Royal Air Maroc, Saudi Arabian, TAME, and Turkish. Terminal 1 and a couple of have entry to the Green Parking Lot, and Terminal four with Blue Parking Lot. Terminal 5 accesses Yellow Parking Garage, Terminal 7 with Orange Parking, and Terminal eight with Crimson Parking. Terminal 7 includes Gates 1-12 (including a Gate 11 and 11A). Terminal 7 is at the North finish of the airport compound. Terminal 4 includes Gates A3 and A5, B22-B39, and B20 and B41. Terminal 2 consists of Gates C60-C70. Terminal eight includes Gates 1-8, 9-14, and 16 (in Concourse B), and Gates 31-forty seven in Concourse C. The following airlines function by means of Terminal 8: Air Berlin, Alaska Airways, American, American Eagle, Finnair, LAN, Malev, Qatar, Royal Jordanian, TAM, and US Airways. Terminal 5 contains Gates 1-30. Terminal 5 is just North of Terminal 4. The following airlines function out of Terminal 5: Aer Lingus, Hawaiian, and JetBlue.

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