Proper Air Duct Cleaning For Your Health

Excellent air quality in your house is vital to the general health and well-being of you and your family. Your HVAC system can be the greatest contributor to good health, from respiratory to emotional health. Over time, the ducts that distribute air conditioned or heated air can turn out to be dirty. The typical house can accumulate as much as forty pounds of particulate matter per year. Air duct cleaning performed by well-trained professionals can ensure a clean atmosphere to breathe in as well as keep your system running smoothly for years to come. A clean system will additionally conserve energy by allowing your equipment to run unimpeded by heavy dust build-up.

Poor air quality can cause many health conditions. A grimy air conditioner can cause asthma, irritated eyes, depression, skin problems, and even migraines. The problem with the build-up that occurs over time is that it isn’t only dust hiding in dark corners. These places are additionally excellent habitats for mold, which can cause severe respiratory issues. Pet dander and hair additionally contributes significantly to allergy symptoms.

There are also mechanical repercussions with a grimy duct system. Dust and dirt have a way of settling on anything they pass. From the point at which the air is sucked into your air handler, where the filter is, fine particles enter. After it goes through the filter, it begins to coat the coil; the part answerable for exchanging the refrigerant. This coating will gradually reduce the coil’s ability to chill and might cause the condensing unit (the outside part of the system) pointless strain. Just above the coil is the blower. Despite spinning very quickly, mud can still cling to the blades. Over time, the load of the build-up can strain the blower, causing an eventual failure.

As the mud and particles make it via the air handler, they then distribute throughout your network of air ducts. It will not only settle in the bends and curves, however it will also be blown out via the registers. This is when air quality suffers. Air duct cleaning can remove this problem. A reputable professional will begin by inspecting your system with the usage of cameras and different specialised tools that can attain into places they can’t see. Most contractors also have the capability to test for mold.

When the cleaning begins, the contractor will vacuum all the dark corners that dust loves to settle into, together with everything from the vents all the way back to the air handler. Though the duct work is considered separate from the air handler, the air duct cleaning can lengthen to cleaning a dirty coil and the blower. It is wise to have all the system cleaned while they’re there since your air conditioning is essentially the lungs of your home.

Your contractor can recommend an appropriate upkeep schedule after the cleaning. Homeowners have noticed marked improvements in the quality of air of their homes after a cleaning. If you think your system may be underperforming because of dust build-up, call a qualified HVAC contractor and discover out if air duct cleaning is the correct selection on your home. Breathing clean air can assist keep you and your loved ones healthy the place it matters most.

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