Examination Preparation Ideas That Can Change Your Life

Whether or not you’re a mean student or a topper or a «poor» student, we all deal with a whole lot of stress as a consequence of examinations. The pressure from dad and mom, academics, peers, and your own expectations sometimes can make you go through really powerful times. Like everyone, I have additionally dealt with a whole lot of sleepless nights, s tens of cups of black coffee, and the constant urge to tug my hair off.

Over time, I have realized to use some ways and tricks to deal with such situations, handle my time and get good grades. Some may be cliché but that’s the thing, fundamental approaches that we ignore may help you get by means of these times! So I need to share these approaches which worked for me and may as well be useful to you.

1. Make a tough action plan

I imply make a routine about how you will finish revising all of your lessons. Should you don’t define what you do while you examine, you will find yourself spending endless hours on a single topic, taking which meansless notes, and scrolling through TikTok in between. To keep away from such situations, create a selected action plan and start working. Divide the chapters into three categories- those you know by coronary heart, ones you kind of understand however need to go through it again, and the ones you haven’t any idea what’s it about. If your examination is very close to, start revising from the chapters you might be well-known about, then go to the little-known ones. I used to read confusing chapters first and then get really overwhelmed and mess all different chapters that I knew by heart and then really feel responsible about myself. Making a plan makes you feel less out of control; it feels less unknown.

2. Set up your research area

Cleaning and organizing your desk can make you’re feeling motivated and also enable you to focus. The unmanaged and messy environment can get you irritated and divert your mind someplace else. The cleaner the surroundings, the calmer your mind will be which will enable you to concentrate. Put all your distractions aside, avoid litter, and sit with a clean desks with pens and other stuffs you need.

3. Take breaks- Pomodoro Method

Studying repeatedly for a long time is exhausting and never productive at all. Though should you break down your study work into intervals and take some breaks in between, it will retrain your brain to focus. Taking a break might be so essential than you realize. Traditionally, it’s 25 minutes of work and 5–10 minutes of a break however you’ll be able to modify it as your wish and concentration power. I’ve been following this for some months and trust me, it does wonders to your research patterns and productivity.

4. Quiz your self every now and then

Ever studied all day, thought you will excel in the exams, and opened your book once once more to revise but then realized you forgot everything? Hah. Been there, achieved that. It’s probably the most annoying thing, proper? To avoid this mistake, I try to quiz myself after every chapter. Note down the details that you simply bear in mind roughly. Try asking questions in your head. Repeat this process after every chapter and while you’re at it, revise the previous chapters too. This will stop the concepts you study to fade away. Additionally, explaining or teaching some topics to someone lets you better grasp them and makes you crystal clear about the topic. So subsequent time you’re finding out, don’t forget to explain the Second Law of Thermodynamics to your little sister, she will be astonished.

5. Use apps and websites

As ironic as it may sound (since phones are enormous distractions), some amazingly cool apps is perhaps a huge advantage for you. Apps like Forest, Todoist, flora, and many others help you concentrate and maximize your productivity. Sites like Brainly, Socratic, Quizlet, Chegg can help you resolve all your doubts. So, use your resources wisely.

6. Reward your self

Doing something without having some obvious exterior rewards can really feel really demotivating. Bear in mind once you had been smaller your parents used to bribe you to clean your room by rewarding you with sweets or a ride to the fun park. Use that approach here. Learning may be boring and draining at times. Most of us expertise this lots however we are inclined to beat ourselves as much as the deadlines as a result of concern of exams. This kind of approach creates pointless stress and will get you nowhere. Instead, after an hour or of studying you’ll be able to reward yourself by taking a brief walk round a park or a cup of coffee or a brief comedy youtube video. But keep in mind; one hour of research doesn’t equal four hours of binge-watching Netflix shows. While this reward-based mostly approach may not develop intrinsic motivation, it will definitely drive you to do something distasteful like studying.

7. Keep hydrated and sleep well

You may get aggressive and frustrated and pull an all-nighter however your brain can’t perform usually with the lack of sleep. I used to feel like I am wasting time by sleeping and I used to sit for the exams with 2hrs of sleep, all drowsy and dizzy. NONE of the exams that I had taken that way has gotten be good marks. So trust me or all the scientific research that has been completed, 7–eight hours of sleep is a must. Additionally, you possibly can check out the book ‘Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker which has pretty insightful concepts about sleep. Additionally, while finding out drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will prevent you from getting weary and likewise improve your focus, as they say.

8. Be calm. Attempt Meditation

Exam instances will be really rough. The frustration and nervousness can eat you up sometimes. You have to acknowledge that exams are just a part of life and will come and go. Think about what number of exams have you ever given till now. This too shall pass. Additionally, to handle this form of stress, I tried meditating for about 15 minutes by just closing my eyes and taking deep breaths and it has finished wonders for me. Just letting your thoughts down and being with yourself for a while can calm you down. If you happen to don’t consider me, there are so many researches finished in this area. Researchers on the Columbia University Medical Center declare meditating can change the construction and function of the brain by leisure, which can: Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, improve focus and learning focus, Improve memory and attention span.

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