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And with the conflation of sex trafficking and consensual sex work throughout law enforcement agencies, there is no doubt that consensual sex workers, sugar babies, escorts, and even digital sex workers will be caught up on the chaos. On its face, FOSTA attempts to fight sex trafficking by increasing the penalties for anyone providing a platform for traffickers to seek buyers. For some reason, talking about being a sex worker on the Tinder platform breaks its terms of service. The bigger the platform or website, the more difficult it will be to adhere to these new regulations. It will almost certainly shut down services that sex workers rely on, making their lives significantly more dangerous. Smaller sites used primarily for advertising are already shutting down. It’s amazing how many people are searching the internet for a free reverse phone directory. I think it’s important to be consistent when describing what people look like and not make assumptions. If you aren’t familiar with adult entertainment stars like Casey Calvert, India Summer, and Jessica Drake already, you definitely should be

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